With the International Trade Solution (VIES) developed to manage all imports and exports processes seamlessly, we help you to monitor all such processes via a single cockpit and in compliance with the regulations. VIES uses a detailed expense management algorithm to track expenses in all stages of imports and exports, as well as to enable allocating all expenses and costs as desired. It also empowers you to perform easy and error-free logistics, finance and incentive transactions for international trade operations.

With VIES, you can systematically monitor all steps and official practices to be implemented in exports and imports in line with the Turkish Commercial Code and other regulations. In VIES, you can register the imports file and expenses that are obligatory for international trade processes managed as file tracking. Thus, we help you to collect all new imports or proforma invoice processes in a single pool and launch the processes on a central screen.

Enabling easy management of advance payments and other payments between the International Trade and Finance departments, VIES also ensures detailed management of status tracking, expense management, advance-payment tracking management, file status tracking, etc.

Operating in integration with SAP ERP, VIES leaves no need to put extra effort in data transfer between your systems.