“Your technology is what determines your position in the global market.”

Bora Hisarlıoğlu, Senior Consultant for the Automotive Industry, Felece Teknoloji 

With our strong experience in the automotive industry, we offer solutions to enable the industry to perform every data and information flow in all areas, from production to orders, electronically and in a fast, efficient, error-free, and auditable manner. With an experienced team of consultants that has guided many reference projects in various areas of the industry, from the basic industry to forging, spare parts and hand tools, we contribute to the digital transformation of the world of automotive.

We integrate the workflows to all stakeholders including the basic industry, automotive supply industry and suppliers, on the same system. With projects ensuring efficiency in the supply chain, workload and capacity, we analyze internal operations of each company and recommend the most appropriate production model for its current status and resources. Thus, we help companies become more efficient and profitable.

In the basic industry that operates in integration with the automotive supply industry, we help companies to easily solve the equation with multiple variables. We transfer processes such as entering the orders into the system, production phases, displaying delivery dates into an easy-to-manage digital environment. Following the completion of production, we build the environment necessary for data exchange between required systems and offer the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) infrastructure. We improve the entire workflow processes and ensure deadline-supply integration.

“If you are operating in the automotive in which integration of planning and production processes with other units are critical and the speed of order fulfillment is measured in second, take control of your company with the help of Felece Teknoloji!”


What we provide for automotive and automotive supply companies

  • By reducing the time to reach the required reports from days to hours, even seconds, we help you to make decisions quickly, based upon reliable and clean information.
  • By integrating all workflows among stakeholders such basic industry, automotive supply industry and suppliers, we help you to optimize efficiency in the supply chain, workload and capacity.
  • We enable automated monitoring of maintenance and depreciation periods of casts and machinery used in production. Thus, we reduce depreciation costs and prevent downtime by identifying and displaying the machinery to be replaced before breakdown.
  • We analyze internal operations of the companies and recommend the most appropriate production model for the current status and resources. Thus, we eliminate the risk of surplus stock, which is a great cost for the industry. We help you to see the amounts of products, semi-products and raw materials in your inventory anytime.
  • We provide the system required to make cost analyses per product, thus helping you to see your real, actual and official costs separately. This feature facilitates preparing consolidated reports of all companies within your group. Upon your request, we also help you to evaluate these reports in accordance with the international financial reporting system and to compare your position to competitors on the other side of the world, based upon international standards.
  • We offer the infrastructure required to monitor risks in imports-exports. Thus, we help you to make flexible production planning based upon orders, to avoid disruptions in order delivery dates, and to increase your rates of order fulfillment.
  • We offer access to the entire system via smart mobile devices anytime, anywhere, thus enabling mobile management of all processes.