“Put aside all the expired software; plan not only your present day, but also your future with Felece Teknoloji.”

Tuğba Hisarlıoğlu, Senior Consultant for the Food Industry, Felece Teknoloji

As the world continuously gets smaller, the variety and competition in the food industry, which is the playground for conglomerates and the first item in the list of requirements, increases every passing day. Manufacturers and distributors seeking to maintain or improve quality and to keep costs under control under such competitive pressure manage their entire business processes with SAP solutions.

As an industry with the highest levels of competition, the food industry witnesses not only continuous increase in the number of players and product variety, but also in quality standards. It is required to effectively monitor the entire process from the field to the end-user, to manage product lifecycle for going beyond quality standards, and to rapidly and effectively manage business processes such as finance, sales, marketing and distribution. As Felece Teknoloji, we help you to become more flexible in the face of changing market dynamics and to maximize your efficiency with the SAP solutions that we interpret specifically and meticulously for the highly-competitive food industry.

“If you are operating in the multi-component food industry in which there are complicated and multi-layered business processes from the field to the consumer, take control of your company with the help of Felece Teknoloji!” 

What we provide for food companies

  • With our robust experience in the food industry, we improve and empower your processes with technology. We reduce the time to reach the required reports from days to hours, even seconds.
  • When you need to make quick decisions, we help you to have easy access to reliable information.
  • We support you in managing all workflows related to your products, customers and suppliers on the same system and we accelerate and facilitate your business processes with an integrated structure.
  • By improving the processes, we maximize your efficiency rates.
  • We eliminate error margins in expiry date inspections.
  • We help you to see the amounts of products, semi-products and raw materials in your inventory anytime.
  • We enable you to perform batch and traceability monitoring easily and in line with the international standards.
  • We provide you with the environment to measure the response of consumers to your campaigns.
  • We enable you to analyze costs per product and to identify true costs.
  • We facilitate risk monitoring in imports-exports.
  • We build the system required to make flexible production planning based upon immediate, urgent and constant orders. Thus, we help you to eliminate the risk of “sell-out”.
  • We offer access to the entire system via smart mobile devices, thus facilitating management of the business and the company anytime, anywhere.
  • We facilitate adaption to the industry-specific regulations. By displaying the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certifications of the system, we support you in improving your quality processes.
  • We integrate the businesses of customers working with large-scale chain supermarkets into the ERP system.
  • We provide the environment required to monitor products in all processes from warehousing to logistics and sales, regardless of your addressee, be it end-users or wholesalers.
  • We integrate the system with your e-commerce platform and contribute to improving customer experience.