“The cost of investing in technology is much lower than that of not investing.”

Ümit Yılmaz, Senior Consultant for the Retail Industry, Felece Teknoloji 

With the trends changing rapidly and terms of competition varying day by day, the retail industry is a market in which only the dynamic companies can succeed in the long run. As Felece Teknoloji, we benefit from the power of our experienced team of consultants to help your company make faster decisions and act much more rapidly.

We support you in increasing your market share even within severe competition and reinforcing your brand. We offer you a world in which you can respond faster to market conditions and customer requests by making the best use of data and analysis tools.

We use technology to improve all business processes of the retail and merchandizing industry -from manufacturing of store-branded products to purchasing, packaging, and campaign management. As Felece Teknoloji, we make a difference in your business with a team of consultants that guided companies in the best practices of the industry.

We help you to minimize errors in inventory management, demand forecasting and management, omni-channel, central management, fast-fashion, imports-exports, and risk monitoring, which are the critical success factors for retail. We also offer you the guidance required to take innovative and competitive steps.

“If you are operating in the retail industry where the only winners are those who innovate to serve better to customers, take control of your company with the help of Felece Teknoloji!”

What we provide for retail companies

  • By reducing the time to reach the required reports from days to hours, even seconds, we help you to make decisions quickly, based upon reliable and clean information.
  • By integrating all workflows related to your products, customers and suppliers on the same system, we accelerate and facilitate your business processes, while also improving efficiency.
  • We provide you with the system required to discover shopping trends of your customers.
  • We help you to analyze customer behaviors in various shopping environments so that you can acquire the data you need in omni-channel retail.
  • We make sure that you have the tools to instantly query your sales on the basis of components such as category, season, campaign, and color, and we support you in improving your talents in shelf management and cross-sales.
  • We support you in making simulations for demand forecasting, thus providing you with leverage while devising future-oriented strategies.
  • We offer integrations that improve your inter-system and data control talents.
  • With our HiPOS solution, we reinforce your POS management and integration talents, and facilitate store management. Thus, we provide you the required environment to offer new services, including alternative product offers to customers by store staff depending on the customer’s shopping habits.
  • We make product transfers among your stores more manageable.
  • To keep stocks at a level that is “large enough to avoid sell-out” and “small enough to avoid losing money”, we offer you stock optimization and automatic shipment system.