SAP Integrated Business Planning

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

In order for businesses to make more agile supply chain planning, they have to anticipate the effects of changing supply and demand on production and logistics processes. In the same process, it should gain high customer satisfaction by planning possible problems with strong scenarios and improving service delivery.

The SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution, which profitably manages future demand and powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology, provides real-time supply chain management by combining sales, inventory and operations planning capabilities.

Why Choose SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) ?

By synchronizing supply chain planning in real time with SAP IBP, which enables you to create a flexible and agile supply chain, you can ensure business continuity when the supply chain is interrupted, and respond effectively to changes in supply, demand and market conditions.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP): By combining financial and operational planning and balancing inventory, service levels and profitability, you can collaborate on more responsive and productive planning.

With Sales and Operations Planning;

Enable real-time scheduling

Simulate and compare demand, supply and financial changes

Collaborate across departments, increase efficiency

Define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs)

Inventory Planning and Optimization : You can meet unexpected demands by setting inventory targets that will help maximize profits throughout the entire supply chain.

With Inventory Planning and Optimization;

Calculate inventory levels with multi-stage inventory optimization

Optimize your inventory investment to calculate more risk at lower cost

Deliver significant improvements with powerful statistical models

Visualize your supply chain network with built-in analytics

Demand Forecasting and Management : You can leverage machine learning and statistical forecasting processes to improve order fulfillment and forecast demand accurately and better.

With Demand Forecasting and Management;

Combine multiple demand alerts with statistical forecasts

Create short-term forecasts to better fulfill orders and reduce inventory

Use advanced forecasting algorithms

Use time series analysis to create a more accurate forecast

Response and Supply Planning : Create procurement plans based on prioritized demands, allocations and supply chain constraints, optimize resource efficiency, with accurate inventory targets and efficient capacity utilization.

With Intervention and Procurement Planning;

Empower planners with multi-level procurement planning

Create an operational or order-based procurement plan

Uncover a tactical rough capacity plan

Develop an effective mid- and long-term plan that works for your business

Combine your operational procurement plan with production planning and detailed scheduling

Discover the Advantages of SAP IBP

  • Discover the Advantages of SAP IBP

    • Meet increasing customer expectations in delivery speed and service quality
    • Reduce the cost of sales and operations planning
    • Link high-level strategic plans with medium and long-term operational plans
    • Improve demand forecast accuracy and react faster to changes in demand
    • Use predefined charts and dashboards to analyze trends and exceptions
    • Reduce inventory carrying cost and increase inventory turnover
    • Improve on-time delivery performance
    • Increase sales forecast accuracy
    • Reduce lost revenue if stocks run out
    • Increase user productivity
    • Create a smooth and fast distribution network using process templates
    • Benefit from advanced machine learning algorithms and planning capabilities

Implement SAP Integrated Business Planning with

Felece consultancy

Digitize the supply chain processes under Felece consultancy in order to evaluate the supply chain processes in today's conditions, to make them compatible, agile and flexible, and to respond quickly to new changes.